Pecorino Romano

Pecorino Romano is probably the oldest Italian cheese, dating back to roman times. All Italian cheeses made from sheeps milk are known as Pecorino, but they very enormously in texture and flavour, from soft and mild to dry and strong. The best-known hard Pecorino cheeses are Romano from Lazio and Sardegna. Our EMMA Pecorino Romano is a medum fat, sharp tasting cheese matured for up to 12 months. EMMA Pecorino Romano is a pale creamy white color with a firm, granular texture texture with tiny holes, an added delight to any dish.

Product #Product DescriptionPack SizeCountry
EMM02004EMMA Pecorino Romano Wheel 1st 9 months - with Box1 x 55 lbsItaly
EMM02250EMMA Pecorino Romano 1/4 S/C with Box4 x 14 lbsItaly
EMM02750EMMA Pecorino Romano 250g Wedges 1st 9 months - with Box1 x 12 lbsItaly
OLI02300OLIVIA Imported Pecorino Romano 1/22 x 11 lbsItaly